Shin, Seoul Korea

Shin, 30 years old, Life Planner, Seoul, Korea

  • Shin, Seoul Korea

    People around me have constantly suggested that I get braces. I feel self conscious when I am taking pictures or smiling in front of people. I disliked feeling awkward in such instances so I decided to get braces.

    As a salesman, I knew that my work would be affected if I got braces, especially when I am meeting and talking to others. For this reason, I have been putting off getting braces. I finally got braces on the inside of my teeth and as long as I open my mouth too widely it is hardly visible. I was able to show my teeth without becoming self-conscious and I really enjoyed this aesthetic benefit of Anboni lingual braces.
    When I got braces placed in my mouth, they often scratched the inner walls of my mouth, which made me shun spicy food for a while. Also, I had to be careful when I chewed or ate solid food. However, this actually improved my eating habit; I eat more healthily and digest food better.

    People did not notice my braces because they were placed on the inside of the teeth. Even after the treatment, people do not notice the change unless I tell them. It still feels strange to have the braces off my teeth but I definitely became more confident in front of cameras or people. I am glad I chose to do Anboini lingual braces.

    An attempt to change one’s look or behavior involves a lot of effort and patience – like going on a diet or fixing a bad habit. The greatest benefit of getting braces is that I was able to make positive changes on how I look and my habits. Despite constant reminders by my friends since elementary school, I had been putting off getting braces treatments, and only recently did I finally get braces and finished the treatment. However, I think it is the best to execute your plan when you first decide it. Braces may create certain inconveniences in your life but imagining your changed self after the treatment will help you get through them. If you are considering getting braces, do not waste time like I did and carry out your decision into action.